Sicily Ensemble – Director Mro. Franco Fodera`

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Sicily Ensemble has been established quite recently but has already important concert experiences both in the Italian concert scene and outside Italy. Its members, belonging to the Laboratory of Music for  pianos , various  instruments and percussions directed by Maestro Franco Fodera’ at the “A. Scontrino” Conservatory of Trapani, are talented and successful musicians graduated in the Conservatories of Music of Sicily. They are Giovanna Mirrione (Pianist), Daniele Collura (Accordionist), Antonella Scalia (Violinist), Federico Caleca (violist), Andrea Sortino (flautist), Nicoletta Bellotti (singer), Giuseppe Adamo (Guitarist) and Alberto Fiorentino (Double Bass player).

The characteristic formation of the group offers the possibility of tackling particular types of repertoires ranging from classical to modern, not excluding pieces of stylishly arranged pop music, in particular from the Brazilian repertoire. The Ensemble also strives to contribute to the dissemination of significant works by Astor Piazzolla. Its repertoire has distanced itself from the mass listening circuits, for which performances particular large orchestral formations are necessary. Last December they inaugurated the “Christmas in Palermo” Music Festival with a show that catered for over one thousand spectators. This concert was held in the Church of Carmine Maggiore in Palermo and enjoyed a resounding success. In February 2019 they were invited by the MCI of Malta for the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the foundation, playing a concert at the “Junior College of Malta” theater. In the near future they are invited to go on tour in Argentina and in Mexico.